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February 14, 2014

snowstorm's over for now

This storm was a heavy snowfall, we even paid to have the driveway plowed since Keith and Kyle wouldn't be able to shovel it all.  I got to leave early yesterday, and took today off, so after stopping on the way home for a few groceries and bird food I was glad to be safe inside.  The birdies were glad for the food, we have had the usual finches, juncos, tufted titmouses, or is that titmice, and chickadees.  We have an occasional cardinal and blue jay, and a few mourning doves just hanging out.  Today we even had a woodpecker.

I spent time cleaning out books to donate, and then I sorted my paints into bins, by color.  I am so excited to have found a bunch of Golden paints that I didn't even realize I had!  I can't always afford to buy them so this is just wonderful to have the supplies.  The snowstorm before this one, I cleaned out and organized all of my papers - the cardstock, typing paper, accounting paper, music paper, and more, that I use in journaling and mixed media.  I get a lot of them at this very junky flea market in Ravena, NY.  I always find something interesting there and it isn't very expensive either.

I have also had fun wandering around Pinterest, first for art journals, then fiber or fibre art, then textile art, and art quilts... I have found so many things for inspiration and colors.  I seem to either choose very bright, colorful things or very neutral white, tan, off white and then denim or indigo blue things.  Have found some great quotes too.  I am starting to feel like I maybe want to create something, I just don't know what.  It's been a strange few months without a desire to create.  And I still sometimes wonder if it is ok to just be who and what and where I am...

I haven't taken many pictures lately, but will try to post some eventually, once I've got something to show.

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