periwinkle spiral cobalt grid aqua wave magenta circle blue line


I write to keep memories, to show things, to think about things, to express emotions, to remember dreams... some examples are here.

sleep series one
drowning before morning

my head is a stone
falling deeper and far
into darkwater dreams; this river
is colder than you know.
leaf blankets wait
on the bottom
to cradle me in soft forever solitude.
(i don't see any other rocks.)
i will never surface
unless your hands
crush the rainbows behind my eyes
into daylight.
make me be your talisman.
i don't want to be buried
in your pocket...

she was a woman who always wondered what she would choose as her totem animal.  she liked the crisp red of a fox, the easy trot across the urban landscape, while still carrying wilderness inside… or perhaps she would choose the dolphin, always smiling even through ocean heartbreak and breathing air while at the same time swimming through waves… or sometimes she felt the unwieldiness of a jellyfish, the lack of solid structure and the future of being beached by time and by fate…but in the end she would probably choose the cat, mainly because of the ability to purr, to sleep in awkward positions, to be at the same time cute and fierce…

three reasons
(somebody asked me once)
why i like buttons

1.         shape.
a circle is complete,
but a circle divided
can become stars.

2.         variety.
all those little shell buttons
look the same
until light shines on them.

3          endurance.
how many buttons in that jar
still hold threads?
count them.