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April 3, 2011

Happy Spring! My spaces are Organized!

It's sunny outside.  The robins are here.  Husband is at baseball practice. I'm enjoying the day and contemplating cooking dinner.

At work, I've moved up two floors, to a different office.  Smaller space, smaller window, but near a colleague who I need to work closer with.  I will miss my third floor group, but am also enjoying the new space.  Almost all of the historical files and things didn't move with me, but will eventually go into storage space.  So the ambiance is much nicer.

Some views of my new office:

looking in from the doorway

view out the window and some of my prisms

 the wall I face when working at my computer.  The art quilt is about geckos and has little gecko forms attached to it.  The watercolor was originally in the Dean's office when I first started many years ago, and it has ended up with me.

looking up.  Eventually when the other person goes in the office next door to mine there will be a drop ceiling put in, since there is no privacy, but for now it is fine. Makes an interesting arrangement of lines and spaces.

my plants and my working files  next to this on the right is a white board for my tasks and things to write.

And I am very happy too that we are almost finished with the Clean-Out of our house.  One downstairs closet left, and my son's room.  But that he'll have to do himself, I will just shut the door.  The external storage room will need to be gone through one more time, when the weather is warmer, but I feel like we can now have friends over to visit without them being shocked at how we live.  I'm also looking foward to doing some kind of garden out back, at least tomatos and maybe squash.  It's kind of hard to have a kitchen garden in a townhouse lot.

This is the supply room, originally meant to be a storage area.  It may not look great to you, but everything is labelled and accessible.  I can walk in and get something I need.

This is my very small but cozy studio space.  Also meant to be a storage area, but we had the builder put in an AC/heating vent, outlets and an overhead light.  Works in progress are on shelves above, and tools of the trade are within reach, colorful things to look at are all around.  There is a table for my sewing machines and a table for writing and painting.  The chair is from my husbands grandmother's kitchen set and needs a new covering of oilcloth on the seat,  but it is surprising comfortable to sit on.

my gallery wall - some favorite colorful things hung up

This is the part of my son's room that I took over.  Eventually when he moves out someday the whole room will become mine, but until then this is my paper supplies and vintage books for collage.  The two sets of bookshelves provide a wall type barrier.  There's a walk in closet that holds my clothes, my yarn, and other supplies. to the right past the shelves.

He's not happy about my being there, but I usually try to knock before I go in.

New goals include getting more stuff put in for sale my shop, and working on art quilts for entry into shows. I have also allowed myself to have some fun, I found a website ATCs for All and I have been making some artist trading cards and participating in swaps.  I love having all those tiny examples of other's art and sending mine out into the world.  I had done this a number of years ago, and have a huge binder full, starting a second one.

And, I really don't need any more art supplies, beads, buttons, fabric or yarn.  Notice I didn't say I didn't want anymore!