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April 10, 2011

the weekend goes by too fast

Errands to run, meals to cook, books to read, internet searching to do... just a regular weekend but satisfying.  I got some stuff at the Salvation Army, shirts to dye, two old cursive writing blank books, a picture painted by someone named Diana of a woman looking at a lunar eclipse.  I love the anticipation and the fun of finding things.  Sometimes I can't afford everything but I sneakily take pictures of things that I would own if I could. 

My dream was if I ever won the lottery to buy the old 2 story Borders store on Wolf Rd, (the shopping and restaurant corridor), and have the upstairs be for classes and workshops in the fiber arts, and the downstairs to be a shop where artists sold things, and I sold things from all over that I found in my travels.  Can you imagine having enough money to just get in the car and drive the back roads, stopping at all the thrift stores and flea markets and antique stores and getting things, rescuing things, that would become part of a display in a store that people would want to shop at because it had such funky stuff?  But  a group of Albany NY state workers won the lottery and I am glad for them.  Especially since I rarely buy a ticket.  My big win was $2 from a scratch off ticket that was part of a holiday gift.  I really wanted the $30 K but  ....

I visited a place called At the Warehouse - a combo of antiques, art, and salvage.  I got a crystal ball from a chandelier and had lots of fun wandering around and taking pictures.

branches and shadows

 old typefaces
 looking out through glass blocks

 looking through stacked windows

decayed cardboard in the parking lot

I am working on a new piece for a show, and since it has yarn, it is a magnet to my cat Aspen.  So I will have to give her credit, since she is my helper, as you can see.

I am not quite sure how she fits in there since sometimes I can't even get the quilt in there.