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April 10, 2010

I did it! We did it! Mozart's Requiem got sung!

The Rensselaer Festival Chorus performed tonight in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center aka EMPAC.  And I was there!  A slightly crazy somewhat old lady alto.  Who had to sit and not stand because of my foot and knees and hips being in pain.

 We did several songs and then Mozart's Requiem.  When I first got the music it was like looking at some weird kind of computer language or something.  I was only going to listen at rehearsals, but got coaxed into singing.   I used to have a nice choral voice long long ago in high school, but don't really have much range anymore.

So I went to most of the rehearsals, to some of the alto sectionals, and got the cd from the library and listened to it over and over and over and over... drove my poor office colleagues nuts playing it all day long.

Eventually I learned some of it, and then a little more, and more... Something happened in rehearsals, and again tonight at the concert.  I got into the zone.  You know that zone when you are creating art and you are totally in the moment and focused on what you are doing and nothing else matters.  I didn't realize that could happen with music, too.

So for tonight, I am proud of myself for stretching my limits, for trying, and for succeeding.  Oh, there were more than a few wrong notes on my part, but overall I am very happy.  At the end I got tears in my eyes, and was sorry it was over. I think my dad, who sang with a Russian male chorus and was a cantor at church, would have been proud.  Keith, my dh came, and took this picture on his Blackberry:

If you look at the left most part of the cellos, then follow up to the music stand, I'm right behind the top left part of the stand, right next to the tenors.  In my black skirt and black shirt and pearls.  But no red lipstick  I wore a very nice tan shade.

It was great being with the students.  The conductor is a Rensselaer VP from the Hartford campus, and I enjoyed seeing his musical side.  Dr. Jackson attended, too.  The soloists and orchestra were from the Boston area, and were excellent.

We stopped at Price Chopper on the way home and got some groceries for a late night snack.  Tomorrow I am going to take down Easter decorations and put up Pink Flamingos, a la my sister in law Becky.

PS I still like Brahms Requiem better!

April 5, 2010

Just another crazy monday

had a crazy monday work day, but got lots done.  Spent tonight adding a few things to the etsy shop and watching Ghost Hunter and Criminal Minds, on ion tv.  We cut back to basic cable to save money, but found these two shows that we like. My vintage Palm Pilot is not recognizing all the books on my sd card so I am not able to finish the book I'm reading.  Not good, makes me cranky.

a few days ago my son and I took a drive to Thatcher Park.  Unfortunately the NY state government has decided to close state parks and historical sites to save money, and we wanted to see this park again before it closes.  In the past I've cross country skied there, gone to small fiber festivals, and hiked the trails.  It's part of the Helderberg Escarpment, and from the overlook you can see to MA VT and the Adirondacks. Some views:

Last time I went to the library, I stopped at a construction site because there were Aqua Pipes!  Altho I am not sure about the poor tree in front of them:

There were a lot of concrete things with holes in them, and I tried to take pictures from all different angles.  I really like this one and may try recreating it in fabric:

And this was a sign I saw on a small shop in Catskill, unfortunately closed.  I think this describes my life!

Welcome to my new Blog!

After a long time away from blogging, I've returned.  I moved from my previous blog to here, since it gives me more choices for displaying things.  

Spring is here, I've seen robins, and I've got the organizing urge.  I want to get all of my stuff in place by media.  So far, I've put all of my vintage books and inspiration books in one place, to use with collage. Next I sorted all my beads by color, in big boxes.  I want to put the sequins in there too. Then there's yarn, fabric, buttons, clippings, rubber stamps... I'll eventually get it done.

I've been experimenting with ideas for art quilts with knitting.  I joined an Inspiration Knitting Club, from the Canadian artist Jane Thornley:

I'm adapting her Feather n Fan Organic Wrap, with permission, to mini size, and will be using them I think, as seaweed.  These are white/off white, but I'll dye them before I stitch them on.

This  obsession with knitting is so fun - it relaxes me and I love the way that even knitting for only a few minutes at a time, riding in the car or on my lunch hour, gives results that I can see.  

I also finally finally got my etsy shop started, link to it is above.  I will be listing things over the next several weeks.  Now all i have to do is redo my website, which is actually almost done.  It will be freshened with a new template and new pictures.  Then I'll really feel accomplished!