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February 23, 2014

creating and exploring on the weekend

The weather is better, in the 40s and the snow is melting.  I've spent the weekend journaling, creating journals, and exploring Pinterest.  I haven't pinned anything yet, but have wandered around from color to carnivals, from abandoned decay to childhood toys to clothing styles to paranormal to vintage photos.

I'm using Evernote to clip some pictures and articles for idea generation, and am amazed at how much I can find to really look at.  There's a lot that doesn't register or that I'm not interested in, but quite often I am struck by a scene or a color combination and can save it to really examine it and think about it later.

it's not all pleasant - scenes from wars, Chernobyl, Victorian memento mori images... but it is a way for me to learn.  Many times I go to the original website for the pinned image and can read articles or blogs.  I even discovered a couple of new  to me  musicians and singers.

Here's the fabric journals I made, one for a friend and two for me - composition book covers from a pattern at this etsy shop:  It was fun to do using some of my leftover hand dyed fabric, and I found that "vintage" composition books are bigger than ones from the dollar store so i had to adjust the pattern.

I also used up some of the paper bags and old notebooks and vintage paper and cardboard I've been saving, to make paper journals.

Did you know that on the bottom of some paper bags, you can see the name of the person who made it?  Really interesting.  I am not sure where I will find time to write in all of these, but recycling all that stuff, a large box of it, into something useful feels good.

Next I am going to make a color wheel using crayon shades, for my color journal, and overdye a jacket for a friend.  I love weekends!