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January 18, 2014

the possibilities are endless!

I am good at making lists.  I am good at planning.  I am not so good at doing.  I find that sometimes I am overwhelmed at how many choices there are:

  • books to read, 
  • free books to download, 
  • projects to start, continue or even finish
  • blogs to read, 
  • patterns to try
  • journal entries to write
  • poems to revise
  • cupboards and shelves to clean, 
  • recipes to download and cook, 
  • places to visit... 

and that's just my personal stuff, not counting work or family.

It's great to have these possibilities, but I am realizing that I need to be responsible and actually do things.  In the last several weeks I have decided that I want to get back to journaling, create a color journal, continue organizing my stuff, eat healthy, sew some clothes for me, work on some art projects...  the list is quite long and my free time is very finite.  This three day weekend I am setting some goals that I believe I can accomplish:
  • I am sorting my pencils and pens and markers into color families.
  • I am sorting my rubber stamps into those I absolutely love and those I use occasionally.
  • I am putting all of my magazine clippings and paper pieces into one large box.
  • I am gathering all of my other paper working tools into boxes.  
I'll see how I do!

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