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April 5, 2010

Welcome to my new Blog!

After a long time away from blogging, I've returned.  I moved from my previous blog to here, since it gives me more choices for displaying things.  

Spring is here, I've seen robins, and I've got the organizing urge.  I want to get all of my stuff in place by media.  So far, I've put all of my vintage books and inspiration books in one place, to use with collage. Next I sorted all my beads by color, in big boxes.  I want to put the sequins in there too. Then there's yarn, fabric, buttons, clippings, rubber stamps... I'll eventually get it done.

I've been experimenting with ideas for art quilts with knitting.  I joined an Inspiration Knitting Club, from the Canadian artist Jane Thornley:

I'm adapting her Feather n Fan Organic Wrap, with permission, to mini size, and will be using them I think, as seaweed.  These are white/off white, but I'll dye them before I stitch them on.

This  obsession with knitting is so fun - it relaxes me and I love the way that even knitting for only a few minutes at a time, riding in the car or on my lunch hour, gives results that I can see.  

I also finally finally got my etsy shop started, link to it is above.  I will be listing things over the next several weeks.  Now all i have to do is redo my website, which is actually almost done.  It will be freshened with a new template and new pictures.  Then I'll really feel accomplished!

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